Deirdre. 20. New York.

red john is kristina frye. ive been saying this since freaking season one. and it was obvious after she got “kidnapped” like please. some cop said something that episode like “for all we know she abducted herself” because she fucking did. shes supposedly a psychic like jane was when his family got killed. she has red hair for one thing. and for all the people red john has to do his dirty work, why is it implausible for her to be having a red john figurehead. one guy who everyone thinks is red john — maybe even his followers. that one dude knew enough about the murder of jane’s family for him to shoot him and kill him and think he was red john. plus all the stuff i can’t remember right now. theres more. but seriously. how freaking crazy awesome would it be if red john was a girl? if i wrote this show thats what i would do. because no one else believes meeee. its the perfect way to trick everyone. sorry for the mentalist rant. but i’m dying from all these commercials about the suspects. its her. they are all wrong. i’m calling it right now. that dumb bitch is the serial killer. gotta be.